prefix word for "the" = ال "al"

put this right before a noun that you want to "the-ify" (no space between

Lego Edit

  • تركيب (construction) لغه (language) ليغو (lighu or LEgo) can all mean lego by danemark
  • language word is laghh or lughh so it looks like

Oil Edit

نفط naft/nafta

زيت zayt is oil or grease also so germany can use this for oil

Kebab Edit

كباب kebab

Börk Edit

  • بورك (burk= Burke/hip) بورق (burq= paper) بوركية (burkia= hip)

Anschluss zeit Edit

أنشلوس can also be anschluss (anshlus)

waqat وقت is zeit

  • وقت صلة is anschlusszeit

Zeit Edit

  • sila صلة
  • waqat وقت

Reich Edit

  • رايخ rayyikh

Reichtangle Edit

  • رايخمستطيل rayyikhmustatil
  • رايختشابك rayyikhtashabuk

Commie Edit

شيوعي shayoo3ey

plural = الشيوعيون al-shayoo3eyoon

Shapes Edit

Ball Edit

كرة kurah

Cube Edit

  • مكعب mukab/muk3b

Jew Edit

  • يهودي yahudi

Tangle Edit

  • tashabuk تشابك
  • mustatil مستطيل

Rawr Edit

راور rawr

Tringapore Edit

مثلفورة muthallafawra

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